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Nutritional Support for Sleep

14 April 2018

As healthcare practitioners, one of the most common questions we're faced with every week is how to get better sleep. So, hopefully you'll be pleased to learn that the topic of this season’s seminar is indeed how to improve the quality and the quantity of this all-important influence on health.

There is strong evidence for the phenomenal power of sleep in supporting emotional stability, learning, memory, creativity, immune function, blood glucose control, appetite and body weight, blood pressure and even a balanced gut microbiome. But why are so many of us failing to get enough? Why are half of us only managing 6 hours a night or less? How has the problem become so significant that The World Health Organisation has felt is necessary to declare a, ‘sleep loss epidemic’ throughout industrialized nations?

These and many other questions will be explored in our new full-day seminar for healthcare practitioners. Each seminar earns you CPD points and is sponsored and organised by Lamberts Healthcare - see the events tab for dates and further details.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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