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Using Nutrition to Optimise Mitochondrial Function

05 December 2018

We may take it for granted that the food we eat will automatically get turned into the energy we need for the myriad biological functions required to keep us healthy.  But a growing body of research is showing that these processes can all too easily go awry unless we take steps to nurture the batteries of our cells, known as the mitochondria. Such research is also revealing more about other roles of the mitochondria that are vital to health, such as controlling the rate of cell suicide, oxidation/free radical load and excessive proliferation.

As we age, these tiny organelles become more vulnerable to damage from both environmental and endogenous factors.  How does this damage occur? What types of health conditions is it linked to? How can we identify mitochondrial problems in our clients? And what can we do to support and improve mitochondrial function, to help restore health and vitality?

All these questions and more will be explored in our new nutrition seminar that focuses on mitochondrial health. For more information please click on the Events tab.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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