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Case Studies in Personalized Nutrition: our new book out this week!

24 January 2020

Feeling very proud this week to let you know that our new book is published this week, edited by fellow nutritionist Angela Walker MSc. And contributions from eight experienced practitioners as well as myself: very many thanks to Miguel Toribio-Mateas • Helen Lynam • Romilly Hodges • Jo Gamble • Elspeth Stewart • Claire Sehinson • Kara Fitzgerald • Lorna Driver-Davies.

The book is a  practical reference and teaching book of case studies for nutrition practitioners and other healthcare professionals, demonstrating how to apply the latest evidence-informed principles of personalized nutrition. But it should also be fascinating to anyone who is interested is seeing how a personalized approach to nutritional intervention can be so powerful in improving health.

Covering a range of complex cases such as autoimmunity and inflammation, hormonal disruption, mental health concerns and more, Case Studies in Personalized Nutrition explains the most recent developments in nutrition science and how these can inform patient management. Complete with in-depth case histories, Q&As with the practitioner and explaining the clinical reasoning behind decisions, this is a truly comprehensive guide to help puting personalized nutrition into practice.

You can order a copy at www.singingdragon.com or from your usual bookseller. And if you go direct to the publisher (Singing Dragon) you can get a 10% discount with code Y20. 

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