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Functional Nutrition for Optimizing Bone Health

25 April 2021

We are excited to bring you a new 3-part webinar series that takes a deep dive into how best to nutritionally support individuals wanting help the health of their bones - bone quality and bone density.

Join Lorraine Nicolle MSc and Benjamin Brown ND for these 45-60 minute webinars, taking place in the last week of April, May and June, respectively. The first seminar focuses on the most important diet and lifestyle interventions, the second on nutiritonal supplements for healthy bone structure, and the third on supplements for supporting healthy, balanced bone remodelling processes. 

This webinar series is designed for healthcare practitioners and is organised by Pure Encapsulations. Each webinar carries 1 hour of CPD. If you would like to attend live, which gives you the option to ask any questions you may have about the topic, please go to www.pure-encapsulations.co.uk and register as a practitioner. Registration on the website also gives you access to the recordings and the slides if you are unable to attend live.

So come along and get inspired for the people you're seeing who need some help with the health of their bones...  

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