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Functional Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease

05 February 2021

Heart attacks and strokes are the biggest killers in the UK today. Hence, as a practitioner you'll no doubt have many clients who present with risk factors or even a history of such previous cardiovascular events. How can we use nutrition to help clients improve their cardiovascular health?

This webinar with Registered Nutritional Therapist Lorraine Nicolle MSc delves into a case of a client with established cardiovascular disease, and shows how diet, lifestyle measures and nutritional supplements were used to significantly improve this individual's health and future prospects.

If you're a nutrition practitioner, you'll find this session not only an interesting insight into the application of nutrition science to a real-world case, but also an opportunity to discuss relevant and related issues with industry colleagues. All while accumulating valuable CPD hours.

This event is organised by the supervision and mentoring group CPD-UK.  To register, you need to be a healthcare practitioner: go to www.CPD-uk.com and click on the link to the event. The fee is £17.99 but there is a 20% discount for members of CPD-UK. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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